Media Art Middle East is a UAE based public relations firm. We are a full-service agency specialising in brand positioning, media relations, crisis communication and social media with proven methods for managing the most challenging and complex programs to achieve success.

We distinguish ourselves by offering our clients much more than the services of a traditional public relations agency including digital marketing and website development support. Each PR campaign is carefully tailored to generate visible return on investment (ROI) and work with the brand's budgets and predictions. By utilizing authentic measuring tools, we pride ourselves in always reaching the targeted financial goals and thus providing our clients with unbeatable results. We customize client teams, starting internally and adding strategic partners as needed to ensure that our results go beyond the ordinary and expected.

Being an independent agency with a young and enthusiastic team allows us to concentrate on creating innovative solutions for our clients and spend time building client relationships not battling bureaucracy. Whether you need communication support in launching a new start-up in the marketplace or you are trying to revamp an existing brand, Media Art is the perfect choice for your company.